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I have a really good nose! Sure, there's various dead-animal location technology, such as FLIR heat-detection devices that can detect decaying bodies (which are warmer) or corpse-sniffing dogs, but these things aren't always helpful. A lot of animals die in attics, where a dog doesn't help, or ductwork or other places where you can't see heat. The best technology is my nose and my experience! My nose is so good that I can usually detect the species of animal just by the smell! I know animal behavior and architecture so well that I have an excellent instinct about where the carcass lies.

Hello, and thanks for taking a look at Clarksvile Dead Animal. We are proud to offer you the best service in AREA for the control and removal of nuisance wildlife, both dead and alive, servicing both residential and commercial premises. Do you wake up in the morning to the scent of something not very pleasant coming from your home? A dead pest animal could be the cause – but we are exactly the right people to call to solve this problem! Our highly trained, fully certified, and properly insured field technicians will remove the dead animal, and then dispose of it safely, respectfully, and legally. At the same time, any damage to the property will be fully assessed and discussed with you, before a repair-and-restoration plan is provided. This will outline the professional-grade repairs we will complete, eliminating the need to call out other contractors to your home or business. Only necessary repairs will be carried out; we promise never to add on extra charges or services if your property or situation doesn’t require them. The team of highly experienced wildlife removal operatives at Clarksvile Dead Animal follow a tried-and-tested approach that will address every aspect of the job. This includes locating and sealing entry points, removing all waste material, complete decontamination, and full restoration. If this sounds good to you, pick up the phone and have a chat with our friendly and informed call handlers today. We can usually send a technician out on the very same day!